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Salem the Cat

Hi! I’m Salem, the traveling Cat for the District of Mississippi. My originator, Terry Kleinheitz, found me on the Internet and thought I’d really love to live in Mississippi. When the mail man delivered me, I was in a very small plastic bag that Terry thought could not hold me, but when I popped out I expanded to double my size and my adventure began. Terry made my first outfit and a case I would travel in when I visit all the Chapters in the state. I made my first outing at the Mississippi District meeting in January and went home with Chapter N.

The rules of the game are these:

  1. When you receive me, the object is to send me on my way as quick as possible.
  2. I can not be sent back to the same Chapter that delivered me.
  3. My bag and all accessories must go with me.
  4. Only Chapters that participate in my exchange will be eligible to win at the rally.
  5. Take pictures and send them in to Terry.
  6. Be sure to record date I was received, the date I was delivered, and the Chapter delivered to.
  7. Have fun!