Mississippi GWRRA District
GWRRA Mississippi
2017 District Couple Of the Year

Phillip & Elaine Williams

Phillip and I met in July of 2000 and married in July of 2002.  We each inherited children, he inherited 2 sons and a daughter and I inherited 1 son, he also inherited 3 grandchildren. We now have 7 grandchildren ranging in age from 18 years to less than 1 year.

Phillip was born and raised in Greenville, MS but moved to Indianola, MS after graduating from college and starting his teaching career.

Phillip started riding motorcycles at 15 and bought his first bike in 1971. He bought his first Goldwing in 1994, then joined Ch-Q in Greenville in 1996, and became an active member serving as assistant educator and then Director in 1997. He then became an MSF motorcycle instructor.

I was born and raised in Redwood, MS, north of Vicksburg, the only motorcycle I had ever been on was a dirt bike in the fields, no safety gear was even thought of. I didn’t even know about wearing helmets and safety gear and had never heard of GWRRA until meeting Phillip. After we married we moved to Edwards, MS and became members of Ch-E in Vicksburg, where we eventually held several positions including ACD, CD, Motorist Awareness, Newsletter Editor, Medic First Aid Instructor and Seminar Presenter. Phillip became a GWRRA Trike Instructor in 2004 after needing to go to a trike from a 2-wheeler due to triple bypass surgery.

GWRRA is now a big part of both our lives where before it was just a part of Phillip’s. It is still his passion and always will be. We love to ride and he has even taught me to drive the trike with safety and confidence.

We will try to the best of our abilities to represent Mississippi GWRRA in a positive, happy, FUN way.