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Welcome to the MS District Website

Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are KZ and Terry Kleinheitz and are proud to represent Mississippi and its members.

Our relationship with the Gold Wing Road Riders Association began many years ago, 1984 to be exact. KZ attended his first Wing Ding in Knoxville, Tennessee 1985. At that time, there were no Mississippi chapters, so he went alone. While there, he met members of Alabama Chapter A who invited him to join them. They showed him what "Chapter Life" was like.

Terry had joined GW a little earlier, she met KZ while at a Chapter B meeting. She didn't attend a Wing Ding until 1988 in Snowmass, Colorado. While there, we witnessed the announcement of the very first National (at that time it was still National) Couple of the Year, Lyle and Oralee Sosa. We also heard the song, Wings of Gold, written and sung by BJ Lyman for the first time, attended many seminars and made new friends from all over the country. We had no idea that the very next year in Madison, Wisconsin we would be selected as the 2nd National Couple of the Year, and so our journey began. We traveled over 40,000 miles (by bike and plane) that year to many rallies and made lifelong friends we're still in contact with today. Since that time, we've held many positions within GWRRA, National, Region, District and Chapter.

Our proudest time has been when each of us served as Chapter Directors. We were selected Mississippi's District Directors in 2000 and held our first Rally in 2001, Sweet Sixteen. Our rallies included poodle skirts, 50s hairstyles, tutus, clowns, togas but it all ended in 2005 when that lady Katrina hit the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Through much heartache and stress, we decided we had to step down to handle personal affairs. I know many of you were on the poker run the next year that took you past our gutted home. It was such a traumatic time in our lives but so many of our friends reached out and helped us get through the loss.

So fast forward to 2017 and GW announced major changes and the elimination of Regions. We found out there were no candidates for MS District Director, leading up to the last Region A Rally and decided to throw our names in the hat. We had heard that if no Director came forward, Mississippi would be dissolved into either Alabama or Louisiana. As much as we love those two districts and their members, we didn't want that to happen. The call came along with phone interviews and the rest is history.

We're looking forward to a great time and a great District rally. Please help support Mississippi and its members by volunteering and join us at the 2019 Mississippi District Rally, "20,000 Years Before GW (Goldwings)". Get your costumes ready and be prepared to go 'neanderthal'!

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March 15

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March 11

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March 8

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March 3

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